Creating-Faces  - by Charlotte Bowring
Safety, FAQ's & Testimonies
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Creating Faces uses only professional FDA compliant cosmetic grade face paints and glitters.
How can I wash the paint off?  The paints are water based and can be removed with mild soap and water.
Who can be painted?  Anyone over the age of 3 and who is NOT showing any signs of sickness.  Children under 3 tend to be afraid and do not understand what's going on.  They also tend to have more sensitive skin.  In addition, individuals who show signs of a "wet" cold, open sores or any skin condition will NOT be painted either.   This is for their safety and healing as well as the safety of other customers.  We can, however, try to accommodate you with a stamp or tattoo.   Other than that, everyone loves it.
What about sanitary issues?   All brushes and sponges are thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning agent specifically for face painting.  We always have sensitive skin baby wipes, hand sanitizers, and clean water at each event.
How much room do you need?  When not at a festival or carnival I will need very little space.  I have a rolling table that is approx. 2'x4' and have two folding chairs that sit beside it.  If it is a large event , I can bring my 10x10 tent for an additional fee of $40.
What areas do you cover?  Sulphur, Lake Charles, Westlake, Carlyss, Vinton, Moss Bluff, Hackberry, and De Quincy.  Please contact me for more information about any additional areas.
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